Started to manufacture precise metal plate products by purchasing “laser-punch” machine, a first in Turkey, bending machines and precise machining equipment in 1996, MİTAŞ Group has made investments in technology considering the increasing business volume since then, making it able to manufacture precise metal plate products and welded structures for the needs of many industries such as energy, defense and construction.

All production processes are carried out at CNC machines with precise tolerances in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system and EN 1090 factory production control standards. Welding procedures are performed by certified welding operators using automatic welding robots as per European, Canadian and American welding standards.

Compliance of production operations to specifications and standards from the stage of input materials to the final products are ensured by inspections and tests carriet out as per customer demands and standards. Welded structures are also tested by nondestructive examination.

MİTAŞ Group, the only holder in Turkey of the welding certification “CSA 47.1 Division 1“ issued by the Canadian Welding Bureau, is committed to offer its services in its new, modern facilities.