MİTAŞ Group manufactures bolts, anchors, stud bolts, nuts and washers for energy transmission and distribution lines towers, telecommunication towers, poles, machines, buildings, steel constructions, automotive / automotive sub-industry in line with customer specifications and international standards.

With its cold forging machines and hot forging presses having CNC control and fast die changeover features as well as its investments in new technologies, MİTAŞ Group has achieved to hold such a position to compete well-known international manufacturers of fasteners. All fasteners are manufactured at requested quality levels within short deadlines in accordance with the just-in-time production method and, delivered to the customers.

Quality control of fasteners which have CE compliance certificates as per the requirements of factory production control under EN 14399 and EN 15048 standards are carried out by means of tension, impact and torque tests as well as microstructural inspection, hardness measurement, salt-spray testing, coating inspection and chemical analyses.

MİTAŞ Group has started to offer contracting galvanisation services since December, 2016 in its new facilities that commenced operating in 2015 and, aims to be a long-term supplier and solution partner for its customers.