MİTAŞ Group engages in the production of chemicals used for the galvanisation process as per the applicable international standards through its group company.

The range of products is expanded day by day with its high quality chemicals and alloyed tablets developed and being developed in line with customer requirements and, innovative innovative products are offered thanks to its strong laboratory and R&D department. 

By closely following and implementing technological advancements, MİTAŞ Group has achieved to produce such chemicals, which were outsourced from abroad with high costs up and long-term deadlines until today, in Turkey as per applicable international standards. The pretreatment bath installation and after-sales support services are also offered for the products sold.

In addition to the production and sales of galvanising chemicals, consultancy services for establishing galvanisation facilities and, services for analysing, advising and problem-solving to increase the efficiency are proposed.

World-class products and services are continued to be provided by closely following up new developments, requirements and market trends by our expertise teams, focusing on customer satisfaction.