MİTAŞ Group possesses the required level of infrastructure and expertise for the purpose of carrying out a perfect quality of galvanised coating for all types of steel structures and fasteners thanks to its 5 units of hot-dip galvanised coating facilities and 2 units of centrifuge coating facilities between 4.5 and 12.5 meters in length within its organization.

Hot-dip galvanising process, being the most efficient and permanent method to protect the steel against corrosion, is carried out by means of dipping the steel products into the molten zinc bath after surface pretreatment and, then subjected to the operations of cooling and/or passivation.

All these processes are carried out in the galvanising factories of MİTAŞ Group located in Ankara, İzmir and Kocaeli by means of modern facilities with closed systems for preventing any types of negative factors that may affect the environment and in line with the customer requirements and the applicable legal requirements. The coating processes are carried out in line with the respective customer requirements and as per the applicable standards (ISO, EN, ASTM, CSA etc.). Galvanised coating is inspected and tested at the factories and laboratories and, the results thereof are reported to the customers.

MİTAŞ Group closely follows the developments in the galvanising industry through the national and international associations of galvanisers and, implements them within its own organization.